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The Convergence of Physical and Logical Access: What it really means for an Organization’s Security

FOR MANY SECURITY PROFESSIONALS, recent high-profile data breaches have shifted attention to external cyber threats. Despite this newfound focus, the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology reports that more than half of all cybersecurity incidents can be traced to insiders with legitimate access to corporate facilities and networks. Another survey from the Ponemon Institute reveals that […]

New Research Confirms the Rising Role of IT in Physical Access Control

While physical security professionals have suspected a shift toward increased involvement of the IT department in physical access control, recent research has shown this to be true. A survey conducted by HID Global of more than 1,500 IT Managers, Directors and staff, as well as Chief Information and Chief Technology Officers, found that IT departments […]

How to mitigate IoT threats to video surveillance systems

The expanding world of security video surveillance has yet to evolve into the Orwellian nightmare predicted in the novel 1984. But as device connectivity continues to define the digital age, monitoring the technology that monitors us is demanding stricter rules and protocols to ensure risk is mitigated, threats are dealt with in a proactive manner […]

Real words or buzzwords?: Situational Awareness

   Originally, situational awareness tools were used to “connect the dots” when there were too many dots for an individual person to evaluate, or when the values of those dots were changing so quickly that the situation they represented couldn’t be interpreted quickly or accurately enough by human efforts alone. Effective response is critical for […]

Back to Basics: HD over Coax

In its 2017 Video Surveillance Trends Report, IHS Markit forecasted that shipments of HD CCTV cameras would grow to nearly 29 million units globally in 2017. While HD CCTV technology – which enables users to receive HD video surveillance footage over their existing coaxial cable – barely existed in 2012 at all, high definition (HD) […]

What Every Integrator Should Know About Interoperability

Interoperability, by simple definition, means the ability of computer systems or software to exchange and make use of information. But when it comes to network security — and cybersecurity in particular — things aren’t quite as simple. Video surveillance and access control systems are encompassing an ever-broadening spectrum of subsystems, such as visitor management, intrusion, […]

Tax Reform Becomes Reality

Are you ready for tax reform? On Dec. 22, 2017, President Trump signed the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” (TCJA) into law, meaning the tax rate for incorporated security dealers, integrators and businesses will be reduced from its current 35-percent rate to 21 percent for the 2018 tax year and thereafter. The new tax code […]

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