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Securing the Perimeter Takes on New Meaning

Whether you’re considering the perimeter of a massive urban center like Atlanta or a Network Access Point (NAP), a public exchange center, you’ll need to think big. How big is Atlanta’s perimeter, bound by Interstate 285? Amsterdam, Bagdad, New Delhi, Paris, Las Vegas, Denver, Nashville, Washington D.C. all fit inside Atlanta’s Beltline. The “perimeters” of […]

Aligning Healthcare Information Security and Safety

As today’s healthcare providers contend with the combination of tightening regulations, decreasing reimbursement and other economic challenges, they also must ensure data security while protecting the physical security of their facilities. These dual security concerns involve different departments with different roles and responsibilities; both groups are critically important to ensuring the reputation of an institution, […]

Fire Alarm Retrofits – Who Should Decide What Equipment to Use?

By Marty Smith, SET Red Hawk Fire & Security Mid-Atlantic Region Manager  The owners or facilities managers of older buildings are frequently faced with the need to replace all or part of an aging fire alarm system. Replacing or retrofitting an antiquated fire alarm system is usually an unwelcome development especially for those untrained in […]

Fixing the gaps in your PACS

Over the years, wrongdoers have used physical access control system (PACS) weaknesses to commit bad acts, some of a serious criminal nature. Some vulnerabilities in these incidents were due to system design flaws, while others could be attributed to poor data security practices. Here are several true stories that highlight the real world consequences of […]

2017: The Year of H.265?

  BY TOM COOK  With ever-increasing video resolution, there is no doubt that H.265 compression is the future. The growing demand for 4K and higher-megapixel video is driving the adoption of H.265 relatively quickly, as improvements in image quality, bandwidth efficiency and storage reduction are so compelling. However, despite the demand for H.265-enabled cameras, some manufacturers […]

Market Report: New Attack Vectors in Healthcare

Workplace violence — once the cornerstone of healthcare security — may not be the first thing a hospital security director is worried about in today’s climate. It appears, in fact, that physical security measures deployed by integrators in hospitals and other facilities has contributed to a marked downturn in violent crime. The 2016 Healthcare Crime Survey, conducted […]

Using the IoT to increase productivity

BY ROBERT MARTENS .   Access control is one of those areas that hasn’t previously been looked at from a productivity and personal experience standpoint, but with the IoT, you get the benefits of improved employee morale as well as significant cost savings from the many efficiencies the system can make possible. In recent years, IT departments […]

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