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Using the IoT to increase productivity

BY ROBERT MARTENS .   Access control is one of those areas that hasn’t previously been looked at from a productivity and personal experience standpoint, but with the IoT, you get the benefits of improved employee morale as well as significant cost savings from the many efficiencies the system can make possible. In recent years, IT departments […]

Business Case Drive Enhancements to Video Analytics

BY CODY FALCON . The industry has come a long way from analog CCTV video surveillance systems. The days of a few low-resolution cameras being monitored by a security guard at a desk are becoming rarer in mid-sized to enterprise organizations. Putting the cameras on an enterprise network and treating the video like any other data gives […]

Critical Infrastructure Sector Battles Growing Variety of Security Threats

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security defines “critical infrastructure” as assets that provide “the essential services that underpin American society and serve as the backbone of our nation’s economy, security and health. We know it as the power we use in our homes, the water we drink, the transportation that moves us, the stores we […]

How To Cope With Environmental And Networking Challenges Affecting Video Surveillance At Remote Sites

    Properly conducting video surveillance for any organization comes with several challenges. Not the least of which is how to architect a system that finds the right balance between quality, cost and bandwidth impact. This becomes even more challenging in non-traditional, demanding environments that are uncontrolled or highly dispersed, whether that’s an oil field, […]

High Airflows, High Risks: Protecting Datacenters

Aspirating sensor technology offers a high level of protection for datacenters while addressing the unique conditions and complications of these environments. By David George .   Although there is a low probability of fire in datacenters, even a small fire in a single piece of electronic equipment can result in extensive dam-age and costly interruption of […]


Campus Safety Magazine. By Zach Winn    The unfortunate reality of fire safety systems on many campuses is that they’re usually installed once and never thought of again. During installation or construction phases, schools, universities and hospitals follow fire codes as much as necessary to pass inspections, and then proceed to invest their resources and […]

New vision

  Nathan T. Larmore, Scott McChesney  Advances in security camera technology, data analytics, digital video storage and mobility applications have dramatically improved the performance and capabilities of electronic security systems. These functional improvements also have changed the time-tested fundamentals of security system programming, design and implementation. The required level of understanding goes far beyond specification […]

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