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Unified Physical and Logical Access Using Industry Standards and Protocols

Physical access and logical access have historically been two separate (and likely unequal) silos within an organization.  IT has their password access mechanisms; with some modern improvements. Physical security has their proximity cards, Wiegand wiring, life/safety physical standards, and an ever-increasing smattering of computer and networking standards and protocols.  Logical access is under increased scrutiny […]

Critical infrastructure security in a converged and interconnected world

This article is in response to the release of the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) study in December regarding significant weaknesses in pipeline security program management. As we enter 2019, the global threat to critical infrastructure has reached a critical mass. The seemingly countless attacks against utilities, nuclear facilities, pipeline infrastructure, defense systems, energy grids, […]

10 Technology Game-Changers for 2019

  With public safety, smart city and smart building segments predicted to have an immediate and lasting effect on the North American electronic security market, where are the opportunities for security integrators to move the needle on gross margin? Here are 10 technologies generally outside the “traditional” electronic security industry that represent new opportunities on […]

Geospatial Awareness Could Be the Next Big Thing for VMS

Everything is going geospatial; from Twitter to Google, from Facebook to Pinterest.  Although it may manifest itself under other names: location-based, geo-intelligence, GEOINT, map-based, geo-referencing, geo-analysis, these are all terms referring to the concept of geospatial, which is defined as relating to or denoting data that is associated with a particular location.  It may sound […]

Radar vs. LiDAR: A Technology Toe-to-Toe

BY PAUL ROTHMAN      While both are finding massive demand in the self-driving automotive industry, the advances being made in radar and LiDAR technologies are having a discernible effect on the perimeter surveillance industry, where both technologies are gaining momentum as viable alternatives or enhancements for detection along vast perimeters. To learn more about these […]

America’s Critical Infrastructure: Threats, Vulnerabilities and Solutions

The tragic events of 9/11 awakened America to its critical infrastructure’s vulnerabilities and to the threats to this infrastructure – both physical and cyber. In the almost two decades that passed since then, the ability to monitor, detect and defend against a wide slew of threats to critical infrastructure has increased considerably, as witnessed by […]

The Convergence of Physical and Logical Access: What it really means for an Organization’s Security

FOR MANY SECURITY PROFESSIONALS, recent high-profile data breaches have shifted attention to external cyber threats. Despite this newfound focus, the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology reports that more than half of all cybersecurity incidents can be traced to insiders with legitimate access to corporate facilities and networks. Another survey from the Ponemon Institute reveals that […]

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