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Healthcare Experts

Our team is comprised of industry experts who understand the unique challenges of the healthcare industry. We bring decades of hands-on experience in a wide variety of healthcare situations and can design, install, test, inspect and maintain the system that’s just right for your facility.

Navigating the ATM Transition to EMV for Regional Financial Institutions

Despite years of war against it, card skimming is the largest source of fraud in the ATM industry. Security experts estimate that the average skimming results in a loss of $30,000. To combat that loss, the industry has introduced EMV, or the chip-and-PIN card, named for the card associations that launched the security standard (Europay, MasterCard and Visa).

The Bank Branch of the Future

The bank branch of the future is happening now. Revenues in the banking industry are currently flat and retail banks are looking to technology to generate income, increase sales opportunities and meet customer demands while effectively managing costs. Economic conditions and regulatory oversight causes many new challenges to arise for these banks. Interactive Teller provides a cost-efficient means by which they can begin to meet some of their goals and move forward. As we have seen in products such as mobile banking, most banks are not early adopters of new technology, but once established, they will eagerly jump into the market. Look for the Interactive Teller paradigm shift to gain considerable momentum.

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