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Access Control as the backbone of integration

Access Control as the backbone of integrationby: Jeremy KrinittSecuritySystemsNews – MIAMISBURG, Ohio—Access control is about what’s happening now: Who scanned a card? Which door is open? Who is authorized? What is the system status?In contrast, video systems generally react to what happened in the past. Did we get a clear image of the face? Let’s […]

Ready for Hybrid Access Control?

Ready for Hybrid Access Control?Prepare for the rising tide of smart access control credentials.By Jeremy Earles • ________________________________________Today, there are three major initiatives for cards and credentials on college and healthcare campuses. Every security director needs to be aware of them.1. Smart cards are becoming the credential of choice. If you presently use magnetic stripe […]

The Sprinkler Difference

It’s been long recognized by property insurers and firefighting professionals that sprinklered properties generally suffer less damage in fires than non-sprinklered properties. Nowhere is that more true than in industrial occupancies; fires in these settings tend to be disproportionately more damaging than fires in other types of occupancies.

Don’t let your reputation go up in smoke

Can you tell if the fire alarm system in your building is operating at peak performance? Probably not, because like most electronic systems, components can degrade over time and potentially compromise the system’s operation. Dust, dirt, and other contaminants can cause problems with smoke detectors. Vandalism, remodeling, and improper maintenance procedures can also damage fire protection equipment.

Video Surveillance. Trends to look out for in 2014

IHS has come out this its 2014 prediction of video surveillance trends to look out for in 2014. Of particular interest, is what IHS calls the “crowd sourcing” of video data collection, ie they way video was collected and analyzed from many different sources following the Boston Marathon bombing. There’s been a ton of talk about the legacy of how that tragedy was handled, and I think IHS has summed it up well and obviously pointed out a trend to watch.

Intelligent Key Management for Access Control

Key and asset management can integrate with other security disciplines to extend beyond the much-hyped vogue for ‘convergence’ and move towards truly intelligent building management. Brenda Taylor, Sales and Marketing Director of Traka, shows how assets can be protected with an approach that draws on shared data while making its own contribution to enterprise-wide information.

IP Network Requirements for Video Surveillance/physical Security

The use of corporate IT network infrastructure for physical security applications such as video surveillance presents unique challenges. Jack Fernandes, President & CEO of American Fibertek, makes a case for separate networks using specialized equipment and technologies specifically designed for video surveillance which could also integrate other physical security functions.

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