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Intransigence at the Card Reader Door

Why are we spending thousands of dollars per card reader door while allowing simple, well-publicized, and inexpensive hacks to compromise our security?  The roots of this intransigence are many. Lack of appreciating the problems The challenge of understanding the solutions Fear of high cost Fear of disruption of the user community Inability to convince management […]

Are Integrators Overlooking Total Cost to Serve?

  Which customers account for most of your profits? Which products and services generate more profits than others? This is typically a complex picture, which is why most security integrators do not closely track what is perhaps their most important metric: cost to serve by customer or product. Although many service providers believe that the […]

Tips on Stretching Your School’s Security Budget

Nearly every educational institution, whether K-12 or post-secondary, wrestles with budgetary constraints and trade-offs. And nowhere is that tension more evident than when it comes to investing in security systems. You’d love to have as much protection as possible, but you’re often forced to settle for less, given the funds you have available. Technology manufacturers […]

Making the Case for Security: Benefits vs. Costs

Serving an enterprise as a Chief Security Officer today demands an executive who is both a business leader and security practice and technology professional.  Creating a world-class security program starts with building a team of experienced people who can adapt to the macro-level demands of the business they work within and still drive the organization’s […]

Defending Physical Security Devices from Hackers

Hacking has evolved as a serious threat and protecting access control systems from hackers has become imperative. Potential bad actors comprise sophisticated government-backed entities to teenage mischief makers. Hackers look for the easiest path in, leveraging many different physical assets, including those within the enterprise-class security system itself. They typically start with hardware, such as […]

Risks on the Rise in Healthcare Sector

     Healthcare security is one of the most challenging missions, and a look at recent trends reveals it is getting more difficult every year. States are getting more involved in establishing parameters for workplace violence prevention programs, but it does not seem to be enough to stem the trends, and violence is underreported. Effectively […]

The New Paradigm of Converged Security and Risk

  The next-level technology evolution is coming. Long-awaited and discussed, the full convergence of all systems has now been made feasible by Artificial Intelligence, secured communication, and advancements in physical security technology, or more simply, IP-based technology on the network. Initially, this meant that devices could be connected to one another and, to some limited […]

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