Commercial buildings come with their own unique set of challenges: Fire protection at high floors. Evacuation. Communication. Access control. Liability. Worker’s compensation. Just when you think you have every contingency figured out, a new one hits. The Red Hawk commercial buildings team is ready to help.

Our team of industry pros has a long history of working closely with building and facility managers to identify risks and present customized solutions that protect your business while enhancing its operations and reducing costs. Experience isn’t something you can learn from a book—it is learned through years of hands-on practice. You can rest assured we have the specially trained staff and the experience to design, install, integrate and service the system you need, when you need it.

Different Buildings: Different Solutions

Because every commercial building is different, every solution that we create for it is unique too. Our team of professionals can recommend integrated fire, life safety and security systems to help your business avoid risk and liability, meet insurance requirements and save money through building control solutions.


Our team has a long history of working with building and facility managers, as well as local officials, to address the unique challenges of high-rise structures. We can:

  • Identify risks.
  • Help you avoid liability.
  • Design, install and test code-compliant systems.
  • Ensure you meet ever-changing code requirements.
Industrial & Manufacturing

Large industrial and manufacturing locations have specialized requirements that our sophisticated and integrated systems are able to address. We can:

  • Help reduce costs and secure large sites.
  • Design, install and maintain access control and remote video monitoring.
  • Give you flexibility and freedom with cloud solutions.
Office & Warehouse

Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions can help you protect people, space and property in a full range of office and warehouse spaces. We can:

  • Utilize cutting-edge technology.
  • Create turnkey solutions with the flexibility to grow with your business.
  • Help you navigate workplace safety, worker’s compensation and other changing liabilities.
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Remote Video
  • Intrusion Alarm
  • Video Systems
  • Fire Alarm & Detection
  • IP- & Cloud-based Systems
  • Test & Inspection
  • Building & Access Control
  • Smoke, Heat & CO Detection
  • Alarm Verification